Who I want to interview:

Innovative Fat Queer identified performers of all genders who have an intentional relationship between their personal politics and their performance persona. This is open to interpretation. I don’t mean that the performances themselves necessarily have to be political, but I would love participants to have strong opinions that link them as a performer with themself in an activist/political context.

I want to hear about what feels imperative in your performance, or what is important to you as a Queer Fat performer. This could be political, personal, abstract, artistic or (more likely!) a combination. The aim of this film is to empower and be an enriching experience for all participants. It is designed to be a showcase of your fabulous selves and a platform for your personal perspective as a Queer Fat performer.

In addition to filming, I am also hoping to compile a photographic exhibition of the participants which will eventually tour alongside the film. You can opt to not be a part of this and be in the film, or vice versa.

Terms and Conditions for Participants:

This project has a fairly small budget and most of this will go on travel costs. But I don’t want anyone to be out of pocket as a result of participating in this film, and I want everyone to be fairly compensated for the time and effort they put in. Low budget doesn’t have to mean under appreciated!

At the moment I can cover all practical costs for interviews if needed (bus fares, etc) and the participant will also receive a copy of the film and a copy of any photography featuring themselves. Also, where possible, all participants will have free entry to film screenings. These conditions apply whether or not footage of the participant makes it into the final cut.

Contact: goldie.dartmouth [at]