Autumn 2011

Latest developments

I was thinking recently how much I would love to have more time to devote to this project. The trouble with being an independent, small scale film maker is that you’re usually balancing your project with various other jobs and commitments, including university in my case. It can mean that there is often not enough time and things end up being reluctantly shelved and taking longer than planned. Sad.

My solution for this was to figure out a way that working on Go Big or Go Home can be incorporated into my MA program. Fortunately I have cooperative tutors, which means I am currently working on the project full-time for the next couple of months instead of doing a formal internship. This is great news at it means I have the time and space and resources available to me to start making real progress.

So! My new plans for the project are this: firstly, I want to make this website more of a resource for the fat performance community and those who love us. I also want there to be a way to include as many performers as possible, as there are so many great ones and it’s not possible for them all to be in the film itself. So I am going to start having an interview section where I interview fat performers about their projects and visions. If you are interested in being interviewed, please get in touch! I eventually want to create an archive project out of this, along with a film. So much has to be edited out when created a film and its a shame to waste the material and people’s contribution. My hope is that this will be a way around this 🙂

Secondly: I’m continuing in my quest to find more fat identified performers in Europe! I know you’re out there 🙂 I really want more european representation in the film and in the rest of the project. Please get in touch if you’re interested or hook me up with folks you think might be interested. Thanks 🙂

Thirdly: third on the list is editing, editing, editing! That’s the biggest, most time-consuming job.

xxx Goldie



The Story So Far…

Documentary film making, queer fat femme style!

I visited the states in summer 2010 to attend two conferences and begin interviewing for this film. I was lucky enough to go to both NoLose (the conference for queer women and trans folks and their allies) and also the Femme Conference, which was epic and and amazing experience. Through these two conferences I met many of the people who feature in this film and was able to interview them, see them perform and in some cases was lucky enough to share cocktails and bathtubs with them! As mentioned in the treatment, this project is largely inspired by the late, great Heather Macallister and I’m very grateful to all who shared their memories of her with me, particularly Sossity.

I returned to Berlin with about 15 tapes full of material and have since been struggling with the epic task of putting it all together! I hope to find an experienced editor to work with, but for the time being I’m putting a rough cut together myself.

The project is far from being done yet and I’m still searching out new performers and contributors to create as full a picture as possible 🙂 In the meantime, stay tuned and I welcome all support, suggestions and encouragement.