Latest news from summer 2011

This summer I was lucky enough to head to the states for a second time, this time stopping in New York to interview the fabulous GLENN MARLA who I’m really happy to have as a part of the project.

I also got a chance to work on this website with Damian Luxe, which is why it looks so fab, and changed the name of this project to Go Big or Go Home after a conversation with performer Alysia Angel…I love this expression! It totally fits.

From this point on I am looking closer to home for contributors and would really like to hear from some queer fat-identified performers in Europe! I’m happy to say that I already have an interview with the lovely Charlotte Cooper, and I hope to have a chance at some point to film her’s and Kay Hyatt’s latest band Homosexual Death Drive in action!

If you are interested in being interviewed or can recommend someone to me, please get in touch at goldiedartmouth @