Sossity Chiricuzio

Producer/MC of Dirty Queer, and renegade writer and poet

A rebel since birth, she’s big on courtesy but just doesn’t respond
well to authority (as in government, not as in tops – those she
responds to just fine). A avid explorer of boundaries, human behavior
and the ever evolving self, Sossity has been known to ask “why?” even
more often than “when?”.

Having long written poetry considered too sexual for most venues, as
well as short stories even she (momentarily) hesitates to read in
front of a crowd, starting an X rated mic seemed the perfect fit.
Doing it as an mc, though she was a total virgin at that activity,
couldn’t be resisted. (OK, you’re right, it was part of the appeal.)

Dirty Queer has been a place to celebrate sexuality and strut your
creative stuff for almost 5 years now! Welcoming queer erotic
entertainers of all sorts – dancers, jugglers, singers, musicians,
comics, poets, storytellers, gender performers and more – and
featuring a Q&A about queer and sex radical history every month, this
open mic is based in art, activism and community building. As Dorothy
Allison says: “Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is
that if we are not beautiful to each other, we cannot know beauty in
any form.”

Her first ever book of poetry, Stir The Juice, is about to be printed,
and her first CD, “Hand To Mouth” (self produced in 2011) is available
online at and at In Other Words Feminist Resource
Center in Portland (more locations coming soon). She also has a story
in the upcoming “Say Please” anthology edited by Sinclair Sexsmith,
and appears in Salacious Magazine and the Body Heat: Queer Femme Porn
Tour zine.

Photo credit: Max Voltage


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