Kentucky Fried Woman


Celebrating 31 years as a tap dancer, Kentucky Fried Woman (KFW)/Kentucky Grilled Man has been performing in and producing queer cabaret shows since 2000. She has performed at IDKE with Santa Barbara’s Disposable Boy Toys (2001 & 2), Seattle’s Queen Bees (2003 & 4), Oakland’s ButchBallet (2006) & ButchTap (2007 & 8).  Since living in the San Francisco Bay Area she has performed and produced as a solo artist and with other Bay Area queer performance artists, including CHUBB, Hogwarts Express and Trekking with the Stars. She has served as producer/co-producer of the 2006 & 2010 Femme Conference Performances, Project Rungay, After School Special I, II & III, The Lewis & Clark College 2008 Gender Symposium Entertainment, the Wham! Tribute Show, Rally the Troupes IV & VI, the 2008 Bash Slut Night, Flabulous! & Flabulous Too: Fatter than Ever! and a monthly queer cabaret called the Kentucky Fried Woman show. KFW also facilitates workshops around the US and Canada on the intersections of bodies and identities. She is one of the femmes featured in the book: Femmes of Power where her essay discusses the intersections of her fat, femme and queer identities. She has been on the steering committee of the FemmeCollective since 2005 and was on the IDKE Board for three years.

Photo credit: Amelia Mae Paradise