Brock Cocker

Brock Cocker Butch. Queen. This is Brock Cocker. A mixture of glitter and sequins courses through his veins. He loves colored folks, butches, femmes, fems, studs, dykes, fags, sissies, trantastic chil’rens, gender soldiers and those with a little jiggle in the middle. He’d love you too, if you made his acquaintance.  In 2000, Brock arrived from Detroit (The Motor City) on gossamer wings. Since 2006, he has performed in a variety of shows and fundraisers including Femme2006, Psychedelick Eye, Kentucky Fried Woman’s monthly cabaret, and Flabulous! This summer Brock will be involved with the conference, “Femme2010: No Restrictions” which will be in Oakland, CA in August. Brock has previously performed as drag queen Eartha Klittt and under the pseudonym Gus D. Windy.