Alysia Angel

Alysia Angel is a wise cracking southern high femme. She is self published in the way of series of chapbooks titled “what i do when you’re not looking” and is currently working on a novel titled “Flinch“, a new chapbook titled “Andromeda” as well as a non-fiction book. In 2010 she read at Femme Conference, the Butch Voices open mic, published and toured with the last four installments of “what i do when you’re not looking” and read a survivor piece for the In Other Words benefit Taking Root Taking Wing. She also performed for Flabulous 2 and Red Hots Burlesque in the Bay area. You can find Alysia reading regularly at Dirty Queer in Portland, being a good school girl, writing on her thigh on your bathroom floor, eating ribs with her bare hands, traveling with vintage pink Samsonite suitcases and living the amoret dream.