Latest news!

You are all very patient – I wish I was better at making regular updates!

Things are still moving along and are starting to speed up now that I have found an editor to work with 🙂 Its really great to find a creative queer positive editor with lots of ideas who can assist my techno-failure self with putting the pieces together! So important. So there should hopefully be a trailer or rough cut of some sort appearing soon!

I produced a small fat positive cabaret in Berlin recently, and it was really well recieved which made me feel great!! I am once again fully convinced of the power of performance when it comes to activism, particularly activism that is focused on the body. I performed my ‘Public Stretchmark Announcement’ piece, which I also talk about in my chapter in Virgie Tovar’s new fat positive anthology, ‘Hot and Heavy’, which is coming out in Novemeber. Many, many of the inspiring women who wrote for this anthology are also in the film or are performers. Great stuff. Here is a link to find out more:

Something else that you can do is ‘like’ our facebook page, if you have a facebook account! I can’t figure out how to do the ‘button’ thing (what did I say about being a techno failure?) but here is a link which might work: Go Big or Go Home Facebook Page

or search for ‘Go Big or Go Home’ film 🙂

More news coming soon!



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