modern technology saves the day – skype interviews & more!

Since this film is a self-funded project (so far), I have been very lucky to do the amount of travelling that I have! However, there is currently no money left for further trips across the Atlantic, so I’ve been exploring other options. I met a lot of amazing performers at NoLose 2010 and Flabulous 2 & the 2010 Femme Conference (all in San Francisco/Oakland) and I was lucky enough to meet and interview Glenn Marla this summer in NYC. But there are still so many others I have yet to meet and who are on my interview wishlist, including but not limited to: Hana Malia, Cherry Tart, Ginger Snapz, Juicy D. Light, Pigeon Von Tramp, Dottie Lux and many others! Fortunately now that news of the film is starting to spread, fat identified performers emerging from all over! Still hoping for more from europe too…..come on lovelies, don’t be shy!

This week I have already interviewed the fabulous Virgie Tovar, whose bio and info will be up soon (along with others) and I also have interview dates planned with Cherry Tart and Natalie Rose. Even though not all of the interviews will appear in the film (it wouldn’t be possible, since the film wouldn’t be long enough) nothing will be wasted. I really value everyone’s time and energy investments and what doesn’t appear in the film will be uploaded as part of the fat performer online archive I plan to create. If I get a wriggle on with the editing process, some should appear on the blog soon also!

Goldie xxx


2 responses

  1. Jackie

    I am *so* excited about the prospect of an online archive of fat performers! And about the film, or course!

    January 14, 2012 at 3:03 am

    • Excellent! Me too! 😀 And please do let me know if there is someone that I am missing. I really want to include as many voices as possible!

      January 14, 2012 at 9:59 am

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